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Cape Canaveral Space Force Station

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station launch site

Historic U.S. military rocket launch site, pivotal in space exploration and national security.

πŸ“ FL, United States
πŸš€ 966 Launches

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Corn Ranch

Corn Ranch launch site

Spaceport in Texas, USA, operated by Blue Origin for New Shepard rocket launches and tests.

πŸ“ TX, United States
πŸš€ 25 Launches

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Guiana Space Centre

Guiana Space Centre launch site

European spaceport near the equator for satellite launches, managed by ESA and CNES.

πŸ“ France
πŸš€ 320 Launches

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Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center launch site

NASA's primary launch site for human spaceflight, housing iconic facilities and a rich space history.

πŸ“ FL, United States
πŸš€ 238 Launches

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Mojave Air and Space Port

Mojave Air and Space Port launch site

A leading air launch facility for private spaceflight and aerospace research in Mojave, California.

πŸ“ CA, United States
πŸš€ 58 Launches

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Pacific Spaceport Complex - Alaska

Pacific Spaceport Complex - Alaska launch site

Commercial and military spaceport in Alaska, supporting orbital and sub-orbital launches since 1998.

πŸ“ AL, United States
πŸš€ 9 Launches

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Spaceport America

Spaceport America launch site

Purpose-built commercial spaceport in New Mexico, supporting vertical and horizontal launches.

πŸ“ NM, United States
πŸš€ 18 Launches

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Starbase launch site

SpaceX's facility in Texas for developing and launching Starship rockets.

πŸ“ TX, United States
πŸš€ 13 Launches

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Vandenberg SFB

Vandenberg SFB launch site

U.S. Space Force facility in California for spacecraft launches and missile testing.

πŸ“ CA, United States
πŸš€ 780 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Wallops Island

Wallops Island launch site

NASA rocket launch site for science and exploration missions, established in 1945 in Virginia.

πŸ“ VA, United States
πŸš€ 84 Launches

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AndΓΈya Spaceport

AndΓΈya Spaceport launch site

Norwegian rocket launch site for sounding, sub-orbital rockets, and small satellite orbital missions.

πŸ“ Norway
πŸš€ 0 Launches

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Plesetsk Cosmodrome

Plesetsk Cosmodrome launch site

Russian spaceport specialized in military satellites, known for high inclination and polar orbit launches.

πŸ“ Russia
πŸš€ 1668 Launches

Upcoming Launches

SaxaVord Spaceport

SaxaVord Spaceport launch site

Emerging spaceport in Scotland, supporting multiple rockets for up to 30 annual launches.

πŸ“ United Kingdom
πŸš€ 0 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Sutherland Spaceport

Sutherland Spaceport launch site

Spaceport in Scottish Highlands for launching small satellites into polar and sun-synchronous orbits.

πŸ“ United Kingdom
πŸš€ 0 Launches

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Baikonur Cosmodrome

Baikonur Cosmodrome launch site

World's largest space launch facility, pivotal for Russian space missions.

πŸ“ Kazakhstan
πŸš€ 1549 Launches

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Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center launch site

China's first spaceport, pivotal for crewed missions and satellite launches.

πŸ“ China
πŸš€ 228 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Satish Dhawan Space Centre

Satish Dhawan Space Centre launch site

India's primary spaceport, launching lunar, Mars missions, and satellites, located in Andhra Pradesh.

πŸ“ India
πŸš€ 94 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center

Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center launch site

Major Chinese space launch facility in Shanxi Province, primarily used for launching satellites.

πŸ“ China
πŸš€ 127 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Tanegashima Space Center

Tanegashima Space Center launch site

Japan's largest rocket-launch complex, featuring cutting-edge facilities and a comprehensive space museum.

πŸ“ Japan
πŸš€ 90 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Uchinoura Space Center

Uchinoura Space Center launch site

Japanese space launch facility for satellites and scientific missions, established in 1962.

πŸ“ Japan
πŸš€ 43 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Wenchang Space Launch Site

Wenchang Space Launch Site launch site

China's southernmost spaceport, enabling efficient geosynchronous orbit access, hosts major launches and lunar missions.

πŸ“ China
πŸš€ 29 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Xichang Satellite Launch Center

Xichang Satellite Launch Center launch site

A major Chinese spaceport for scientific, civil, and military satellite launches since 1984.

πŸ“ China
πŸš€ 206 Launches

Upcoming Launches


Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1

Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 launch site

Private spaceport in New Zealand, primarily used for Electron rocket launches.

πŸ“ New Zealand
πŸš€ 45 Launches

Upcoming Launches