Corn Ranch Overview

A complete overview of the Corn Ranch launch site, including key info, launch stats and the companies that launch from it.

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Corn Ranch launch site

Basic Info


Corn Ranch

Total Launch Count


First Launch

29 Apr 2015

Last Launch

19 May 2024


TX, United States

Corn Ranch, also known as Launch Site One (LSO), is a spaceport in Texas, USA, owned and operated by Blue Origin. Located about 30 miles north of Van Horn, it spans approximately 670 square kilometers (165,000 acres), acquired by Jeff Bezos in 2004. This facility is pivotal for Blue Origin's launch services, particularly for the New Shepard rocket. It features a sub-orbital launch pad and several rocket engine test stands, including three for the methalox BE-4 engine. Notably, Corn Ranch was the launch site for Blue Origin's first human spaceflight on July 20, 2021, which carried Jeff Bezos and three others.