Andøya Spaceport Overview

A complete overview of the Andøya Spaceport launch site, including key info, launch stats and the companies that launch from it.

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Andøya Spaceport launch site

Basic Info


Andøya Spaceport



Andøya Spaceport, located on Andøya Island in Norway's Nordland county, is a multifaceted facility comprising a rocket launch site, rocket range, and spaceport. Established in 1962 as Andøya Rocket Range, it has transitioned to Andøya Space, reflecting an expanded focus. This civilian space center, principally owned by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, has overseen over 1,200 sounding and sub-orbital rocket launches. It supports various missions for agencies like ESA, NASA, JAXA, and DLR. Recently, plans for an orbital launch capability for small satellites, particularly for Earth observation and communication, have been initiated, with an emphasis on polar and Sun-synchronous orbits.

Companies/Agencies who used Andøya Spaceport