Mojave Air and Space Port Overview

A complete overview of the Mojave Air and Space Port launch site, including key info, launch stats and the companies that launch from it.

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Mojave Air and Space Port launch site

Basic Info


Mojave Air and Space Port

First Launch

10 Oct 2010

Last Launch

2 Jul 2022


CA, United States

Mojave Air and Space Port, an air launch facility in Mojave, California, stands as a pivotal center for aerospace innovation and testing. Established in 1935 and sprawling over 3,300 acres, it has evolved into a premier destination for air-launched spacecraft and advanced aeronautics research. It gained prominence as the launch site for SpaceShipOne, marking a milestone in private spaceflight. The facility hosts a spectrum of aerospace entities, including industry giants like Virgin Galactic, Stratolaunch Systems, and Scaled Composites. Additionally, it houses an extensive airplane boneyard, serving as a repository for commercial aircraft. With dedicated airspace, comprehensive infrastructure, and a strategic location, Mojave Air and Space Port is instrumental in propelling air-launched aerospace ventures.

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