Uchinoura Space Center Overview

A complete overview of the Uchinoura Space Center launch site, including key info, launch stats and the companies that launch from it.

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Uchinoura Space Center launch site

Basic Info


Uchinoura Space Center

Total Launch Count


First Launch

26 Sep 1966

Last Launch

12 Oct 2022



The Uchinoura Space Center, located in the town of Kimotsuki in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, is a prominent space launch facility. Initially named Kagoshima Space Center, it was established in February 1962 for launching large rockets with probe payloads. The center has played a vital role in Japan's space exploration efforts, being the site from which all of Japan's scientific satellites were launched until the decommissioning of the M-V launch vehicles in 2006. It continues to host suborbital launches, stratospheric balloons, and is also used for launching the Epsilon orbital launch vehicle. The center possesses antennas for communication with interplanetary space probes, emphasizing its significance in space communication. Over the years, Uchinoura has been instrumental in various significant launches, including Japan's first successful satellite, Ohsumi, and the launch of the scientific satellite SPRINT-A by the Epsilon rocket in 2013. Its strategic location and advanced facilities make it a key player in Japan's space exploration and satellite launch capabilities.

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