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Stay updated on Uchinoura Space Center's rocket launches with our real-time schedule. You can see 3 planned space missions on our website. Watch the live stream of any Uchinoura Space Center rocket launch happening today.

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Mu Center

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Epsilon S | JV-LOTUSat-1

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Updated: Apr 23, 2:00am UTC

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Upcoming Uchinoura Space Center Launches

RAISE-4 (RApid Innovative payload demonstration Satellite-4) is a satellite for on-orbit demonstrations of 15 demonstration components and equipment selected by public solicitation. The satellite will be operated in response to requests from the demonstration theme proposers, and will provide experimental data of the demonstration devices and environmental data during the experiments. 10 of the demonstrations are re-flight of those planned for RAISE-3, which failed to reach orbit in October 2022.

Updated: Apr 23, 2:00am UTC

DESTINY+ (Demonstration and Experiment of Space Technology for INterplanetary voYage with Phaethon fLyby and dUst Science) is a planned asteroid exploration mission to 3200 Phaethon, the parent body of the Geminids meteor shower. It will demonstrate further improvements of low cost solar electric propulsion in deep space and innovative light-weight solar array panel technology. The spacecraft will carry 3 science instruments: * DESTINY Dust Analyzer (DDA) * Telescopic Camera for Phaethon (TCAP) * Multiband Camera for Phaethon (MCAP)

Updated: Apr 23, 2:00am UTC