Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center Overview

A complete overview of the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center launch site, including key info, launch stats and the companies that launch from it.

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Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center launch site

Basic Info


Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center

Total Launch Count


First Launch

6 Sep 1988

Last Launch

20 May 2024



The Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center (TSLC), also known as Base 25, is a prominent space and defense launch facility of the People's Republic of China, located in Kelan County, Xinzhou, Shanxi Province. Established in March 1966 and operational since 1968, it was developed as part of China's Third Front campaign, aimed at bolstering industry and national security in the interior regions during the Cold War. Positioned at an altitude of 1500 meters, its dry climate makes it an optimal location for satellite launches. TSLC primarily facilitates the launch of meteorological, Earth resource, and scientific satellites into Sun-synchronous orbits using Long March launch vehicles. It also plays a significant role in launching intercontinental and submarine-launched ballistic missiles. The center includes a sophisticated Technical Center and Mission Command and Control Center, and is accessible via two feeder railways connecting to the Ningwu-Kelan railway. The site comprises several launch pads, with a history of both active and retired pads.