Sutherland Spaceport Overview

A complete overview of the Sutherland Spaceport launch site, including key info, launch stats and the companies that launch from it.

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Sutherland Spaceport launch site

Basic Info


Sutherland Spaceport


United Kingdom

Sutherland Spaceport, located in A' Mhòine, Sutherland, in the Scottish Highlands, has been developed primarily for launching small satellites into polar and sun-synchronous orbits. The site is chosen for its wide-open spaces and low population density, aiming to minimize risks and disturbances. The project, led by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), involves multiple stakeholders, including the UK Space Agency and commercial partners. It aims to cater to the burgeoning small satellite market and the increasing demand for dedicated launch services.

Companies/Agencies who used Sutherland Spaceport