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Spaceport America

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First Launch

25 Aug 2018

Last Launch

26 Jan 2024


NM, United States

Spaceport America, located in Sierra County, New Mexico, near Truth or Consequences, is the first purpose-built commercial spaceport. Spread across 18,000 acres, it was developed specifically for commercial users and not as a conversion from an existing airport or federal facility. Owned and operated by the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, it supports both vertical and horizontal aerospace vehicle launches. It's notably a hub for Virgin Galactic, UP Aerospace, SpinLaunch, and other space companies. Spaceport America opened officially in October 2011, with the visitor center becoming fully accessible in June 2015. The spaceport facilitates a variety of aerospace tests and commercial activities, including the annual Spaceport America Cup rocketry competition.

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