2019 Rocket Launch Recap

Our roundup of all the launches that happened in 2019, along with key stats, trends and info. You can learn more about our data, and how we present it here.

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Successful Launches


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Humans launched to space

Notable 2019 Achievements

🌘 First soft landing on the far side of the Moon
🚀 First commercial human-rated spacecraft in Earth orbit
🚀 First commercial human-rated spacecraft to dock with a space station
♻️ First reuse of payload fairing

How 2019 Compares to Previous Years

There were 105 successful launch attempts in 2019 and 9 failed launch attempts. These figures include test/development launches, which are more prone to failure.

Rocket Launches by Year

By RocketLaunch.org

Launches by Nation in 2019

In 2019, companies and agencies from 7 Nations attempted launches, including the United States (38 launches), China (34 launches) and Russia (21 launches).

Total Rocket Launches by Nation in 2019

By RocketLaunch.org

Launches by Launch Service Providers in 2019

23 Launch Service Providers completed launches in 2019, including CASC (26 launches), SpaceX (15 launches) and ROSCOSMOS (9 launches).

Top 10 Space Launch Service Providers in 2019 by total launch count

By RocketLaunch.org

Launches by Launch Vehicle in 2019

48 different Launch Vehicles launched off in 2019. The top 3 were the Long March 3B (11 launches), Falcon 9 (11 launches) and Soyuz 2.1b (8 launches) launch vehicles.

Top 10 Launch Vehicles in 2019 by total launch count

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Launches by Launch Sites in 2019

Rockets launched from 23 Launch Sites in 2019. The most active launch sites were Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (14 launches), Baikonur Cosmodrome (13 launches) and Xichang Satellite Launch Center (13 launches).

Top 10 Launch Sites in 2019

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Astronauts Launched by Nationality in 2019

In 2019, 12 humans from 5 nations were launched into space, including the United States (6 astronauts), Russia (3 astronauts) and Italy (1 astronaut).

Astronauts Launched by Nationality in 2019

By RocketLaunch.org

Where we launched to in 2019

We launched off to 6 different locations beyond earth in 2019 (including flybys). Most launches were to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) (56 launches), Geostationary Orbit (GEO) (20 launches) and Suborbital (12 launches).

Top Launch Destinations in 2019

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