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A complete overview of Lockheed Martin, including launch stats, launch vehicles and launch locations.

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Lockheed Martin




United States



Launch Stats

First Launch

11 Feb 1974

Last Launch

20 Apr 2006

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Lockheed Martin's Space Division started in the production of missiles and later ICBM's in the 1950s. Their TITAN missile system was used for 12 Gemini spacecraft and the Voyager probes. They have worked largely in collaboration with NASA on many of their probes, landers, and spacecraft, and hope to play a key role in NASA's return to the moon in 2024.

Launch Sites used by Lockheed Martin

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station launch site

Historic U.S. military rocket launch site, pivotal in space exploration and national security.

📍 FL, United States
🚀 971 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Guiana Space Centre

Guiana Space Centre launch site

European spaceport near the equator for satellite launches, managed by ESA and CNES.

📍 France
🚀 321 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Pacific Spaceport Complex - Alaska

Pacific Spaceport Complex - Alaska launch site

Commercial and military spaceport in Alaska, supporting orbital and sub-orbital launches since 1998.

📍 AL, United States
🚀 9 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Vandenberg SFB

Vandenberg SFB launch site

U.S. Space Force facility in California for spacecraft launches and missile testing.

📍 CA, United States
🚀 785 Launches

Upcoming Launches