Long March 4C Vehicle Overview

A complete overview of the Long March 4C launch vehicle, including launch stats, vehicle info and launch locations.

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Long March 4C rocket

Basic Info


Long March 4C


Long March 4


First Launch

26 Apr 2006

Successful Launches


Failed Launches


Rocket Info






Not Reusable

The Long March 4C, also known as the Chang Zheng 4C, CZ-4C and LM-4C, previously designated Long March 4B-II, is a Chinese orbital carrier rocket. It is launched from the Jiuquan, Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre and Xichangs, and consists of 3 stages. Long March 4C vehicles have been used to launch the Yaogan-1, Yaogan-3 SAR satellites and the Fengyun-3A polar orbiting meteorological satellite. On December 15, 2009 a Long March 4C was used to launch Yaogan 8.

Launch Sites used by Long March 4C

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center launch site

China's first spaceport, pivotal for crewed missions and satellite launches.

📍 China
🚀 226 Launches

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Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center

Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center launch site

Major Chinese space launch facility in Shanxi Province, primarily used for launching satellites.

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🚀 127 Launches

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Xichang Satellite Launch Center

Xichang Satellite Launch Center launch site

A major Chinese spaceport for scientific, civil, and military satellite launches since 1984.

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🚀 205 Launches

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