Europa Clipper Mission

Launch Countdown

Date & Time

10 Oct, 3:51pm


Launch Complex 39A

Launch Service Provider



6th flight (286d since last use)

Unknown FH


6th flight (286d since last use)


Expended (Atlantic Ocean)

Expended (Atlantic Ocean)

Expended (Atlantic Ocean)


Europa Clipper

Mission Type

Planetary Science


Heliocentric N/A

Europa Clipper is the first dedicated mission to study Jupiter's moon Europa. Mission is developed by NASA and comprises of an orbiter spacecraft, which, while in orbit around Jupiter, will perform numerous flybys over Europa. Europa Clipper payload suit included high-resolution cameras and spectrometers for imaging Europa's surface and thin atmosphere, an ice-penetrating radar to search for subsurface water, and a magnetometer and gravity measurements to measure the moon's magnetic field and unlock clues about its ocean and deep interior.

Last Update: Added tentative launch time and date.

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