Polaris Dawn Mission

Mission patch Polaris Dawn Patch

Launch Status


Date & Time

Jul 2024


Launch Complex 39A

Launch Service Provider

Spacecraft Stage

Crew Dragon 2


US flag

Jared Isaacman

US flag

Scott Poteet

US flag

Anna Menon

US flag

Sarah Gillis


Unknown F9


Drone Ship (Unknown)


Polaris Dawn

Mission Type

Human Exploration


Low Earth Orbit

First mission of the privately funded Polaris program. The goal of this mission, lasting up to five days in orbit, is to fly higher than previous Dragon missions, perform the first-ever commercial EVA with SpaceX-designed spacesuits, orbit through portions of the Van Allen radiation belt, conduct medical research, and test laser-based Starlink communications in space.

Last Update: Reverting to TBD July pending completion of the investigation into the Starlink Group 9-3 second engine failure

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