Vulcan Centaur Vehicle Overview

A complete overview of the Vulcan Centaur launch vehicle, including launch stats, vehicle info and launch locations.

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Vulcan Centaur




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8 Jan 2024

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Not Reusable

The Vulcan Centaur is an American heavy-lift launch vehicle developed by United Launch Alliance (ULA), intended to meet a variety of commercial, governmental, and scientific mission requirements. This two-stage rocket inherits technological and structural elements from its predecessors, the Atlas V and Delta IV rockets, aiming to offer improved performance and flexibility. Its first stage is powered by two BE-4 engines, utilizing liquefied natural gas and liquid oxygen, while the Centaur upper stage employs RL10 engines with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen for propulsion. The Vulcan Centaur stands out for its adaptability, featuring a configurable payload fairing and the capability to host multiple payloads, catering to a range of mission profiles.

Launch Sites used by Vulcan Centaur

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station launch site

Historic U.S. military rocket launch site, pivotal in space exploration and national security.

📍 FL, United States
🚀 971 Launches

Upcoming Launches

Vandenberg SFB

Vandenberg SFB launch site

U.S. Space Force facility in California for spacecraft launches and missile testing.

📍 CA, United States
🚀 785 Launches

Upcoming Launches